Purchasing an OBD-II Adapter


OBD-II adapters can be purschased for $10-$30 on Amazon. FuelE.co is compatable with ELM327 v2.1 Bluetooth OBD-II adapters, although earlier versions may also work.

If you're looking for a safe choice, check out RioRand's RD9. You can find cheaper options, but we've been quite impressed with this model.

Car Compatability


FuelE.co is compatable with all gasoline cars with an On-Board Diagnostics Port (OBD-II), which is standard on all North American models after 1996, and all European models after 2003.

In addition, your car must expose readings from (at a minimum) a fuel-flow sensor, or mass airflow sensor. Unfortunately, this can be hard to determine without an OBD-II reader; although in practice, the majority of cars contain one or the other.

You can checkout our list of known-compatable cars, but be aware that this list is very incomplete, and your car is likely supported even if it is not on the list.

Support for hybrids and diesel engines is planned for a future release.

Understanding your Score


Your FuelE.co score is a composite of your car's fuel usage and your driving behaviour—bigger is better.

The FuelE.co score has several advantages over traditional metrics like MPG and L/100km:

  • Unlike MPG, it doesn't shoot up to infitity if you coast at higher speeds
  • Unlike L/100km, it doesn't shoot up to infitity at lower speeds, and isn't undefined when you're stopped (ie. 0/0=???)
  • The FuelE.co score is roughly linear with driving behaviour, rather than consumption. An improvement in driving behaviour at 40km/hr has the same effect as the same improvement at 100km/hr

Your FuelE.co score has no maximum limit since you can always drive further on less gas,—so why make your score max out at some arbitraty value?


If you can't find an answer in our FAQ, you can contact us at support@fuele.co.